ALADDIN (Antarctic L-band Astrophysics Discovery Demonstrator for
Interferometric Nulling)

ALADDIN is a project of nulling interferometer for Dome C (Antarctica), motivated by the need for a ground-based demonstrator for the Darwin mission. Following a preliminary industrial study, our team is involved in the design of the instrument by studying the pre-requisite technology for Darwin. In addition, we have developped in collaboration with LAOG and LESIA a performance simulation software in order to assess the scientific return of the intsrument.


ALADDIN is a nulling interferometer with two 1-m collectors, foreseen to be installed at Dome C (Antarctica). The two moveable siderostats are located on a 40-m long rotating truss installed on top of a 30 m tower and re able to move on a circular path to maintain the source at the meridian of the baseline.This
design has also the advantage to benefit for the exceptionally low turbulence of the free air above the boundary layer. The available baseline lengths
range from 4 to 30 m and provide a aximum angular resolution of 10 mas in the L band (ranging from 2.8 to 4.2 µm). This resolution is largely sufficient
to study the habitable zones around Darwin/TPF-I candidate targets, since they are typically separated by a few 10 mas from their parent star. Our recent studies show that ALADDIN presents an improved sensitivity with respect to GENIE and should be able to detect exozodiacal discs at the level of 20 zodis.

Paper on the performance comparison between ALADDIN and GENIE
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