"Preparation for the spin cast of the 4m international liquid mirror telescope at AMOS"

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21-25 September 2009 Participants : Paul Hickson (UBC), Jean Surdej, Joël Poels, Arnaud Magette, François Finet, Brajesh Kumar, Denis Defrère, Olivier Absil, Charles Hanot (ULg), Stephan Denis (AMOS)

Just before mixing the hardener (blue buckets) with the polyurhetane (white buckets)
The white angels pour the hardener (blue buckets) into the polyurhetane (white buckets)
Mixing the hardener with the polyurhetane
Climbing up the ladder
Pouring the resine
The spinning mirror: some last minute impurities are being removed
The resine has been spread over the spinning surface of the mirror
The resine adopts a parabolic shape while spinning with the mirror
Leaving the mirror platform after the spin casting
Descending the access ladder
External view of the spinning mirror being inspected by the white angels

Descending the access ladder



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